Training to Professionals

We provide the following training to professionals:

  • Level 1 2hr brief CSE Awareness Raising (FREE)
  • Level 2 CSE Awareness Training (FREE)

We can also offer the following which are all chargeable:

  • Complex Trauma and Attachment
  • Working with Resistance
  • Vicarious Trauma

Contact Time 2… for booking information

Our training is provided by passionate and knowledgeable trainers who are specialists in CSE. The training covers:

  • Warning signs of grooming and CSE
  • Different models of CSE
  • Laws around grooming, CSE, sexting etc.
  • What’s happening in your local area
  • Case studies
  • Information and resources
Please see what others had to say about our training:

Clear information, very well delivered, well informed presenter.

Clear reminder of vulnerabilities of our students.

Detailed, and again very eye opening. Shocked at scale of issue.

Gave me clearer insight into the nature of grooming.

I will be much more aware of CSE as I teach and talk to the pupils I work with. I will know what indicators to look out for.

Really impressive organisation. Worthwhile and important cause. Excellent work and very impressive. Thank you.

Training to Young People

We also deliver awareness raising sessions to the young people in schools. Our training to young people covers:

  • Grooming and CSE awareness
  • Warning signs
  • Online safety
  • Consent
  • Laws around sexting
  • Case studies

The workshops are a mix of Power Point presentations, videos, and discussions.

This is what young people liked best about our training:

This is what young people liked best about our training:

Being able to discuss with peers.

Being able to talk to them if anything upsets me.

Being told the facts.

Felt like it opened my eyes to what kind of people there are out there.

Getting to know the indications when something is wrong.

Getting to know people are there for us.

How informative/ in depth it was. And how serious.

How passionate the people were who told us about this.

How to look after yourself if this happened.

I now realise how easy it is to be groomed and raped.

It made me realise that it happens everywhere not just in big cities. It can happen in the countryside.

It was very interesting and all the people were extremely good at presenting. I liked the videos because it made me realise what CSE is even more – not just in words spoken by teachers.

Time 2 taught people how to keep safe from groomers and stay safe.

We were treated like adults. There was no attempt to “put it nicely” like most people try and do when talking to teens – it made us see how awful the situations are.

If you’d like to know more or are interested in booking training with us then please get in touch!

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