The Time 2…project is a targeted support project for young people at risk of and experiencing CSE in North Yorkshire, City of York and in Leeds and Bradford for boys only, to reduce their risk of CSE, improve their safety, health and life chances.

The project offers the following services:

Direct one to one intensive case work support work to young people Targeted group work with young people identified as at risk e.g. young people in residential care homes where CSE risk has been identified Online advice and support.

Sharing intelligence with police and other partners to aid in identification, prevention and prosecution.

Support and advice on development of CSE training for professionals and delivering training to priority professional groups (as part of wider local CSE training programs for each LSCB).

An advisory and mentoring role to key professionals to build capacity to respond and support young people at risk of CSE Involvement in multi agency partnerships and strategic work on CSE in NY and COY.

Compounding the problems faced by children and young people at risk of CSE are the widely dispersed communities and limited infrastructure, creating barriers for young people in accessing specialist services. This model offers a flexible outreach model delivered in real world and virtual communities, making best use of digital technologies to reach to and enable access to support for young people.

The key outcomes for young people beneficiaries accessing support will be:

• Increased safety, health and life chances.

• Improved mental health.

• Increased coping skills and resilience.

• Reduced social isolation.

The key outcomes for professionals in North Yorkshire engaging with the training, mentoring and consultancy strands will be:

• Increased knowledge, skills and confidence to better equip them in direct work with young people at risk of CSE, increasing the whole system’s ability and capacity to address CSE and support victims.


We help young people that are experiencing a form of abuse where boys or girls are bribed or seduced into some form of sexual activity, sometimes without even realising it. This is called child sexual exploitation. The people that commit such crimes against young people can be the same age or older and from any kind of background. The abuse is a way for them to earn money, power or status. If often starts with someone pretending to be a friend or boy or girlfriend either online or offline – which gradually develops into abuse without the young person realising it. Anyone can become involved in this type of abuse – boys and girls from any background, wherever they live and whatever cultural background.

Whether you are in a relationship or not, its important to know that grooming or sexual exploitation can happen to anyone – and it may be really difficult to recognise if this is happening to you or your friends, or it might be too scary to step away from for example if you are being threatened.

If you think this is happening to you or a friend – there are a few important things to remember:
• Its not your fault
• There is help out there and things can get better
• You have a right to support from organisations like Time 2…
• You will not be judged and its never too late to get help

We work across the whole of North Yorkshire Keep an eye out on our Facebook page or Instagram – or listen to what other young people had to say!

If you do think you are at risk:
• If there is immediate danger, please call the police
• Ask a trusted adult for help (at school or at home?)
• Call 07495582675 and please leave a message
• Call anonymous helplines Say Something (116000) or Childline (0800 1111)


At Time 2… we work on a voluntary basis with young people of both genders that are being sexually exploited or are at serious (medium – high) risk.

Our advice is confidential and free and its your choice whether you want us to help you.

We help young people to stop this happening to them – with our support learned to keep themselves safe.

Anyone can make a referral by calling 07495582675 or emailing: Time2@basisyorkshire.org.uk

To refer a boy or young man from Leeds or Bradford please email our referral form to Karen.chapman@basisyorkshire.org.uk or to discuss call: 07495582675


• Offering one to one confidential support – we won’t tell others what you have told us – unless we are concerned for your safety or the safety of others – but we’d always talk to you about this.
• Meeting in a place you choose, where you feel most comfortable, either at home, at school or in a café or community centre – usually once a week but this can be flexible.
• Coming with you to any sexual health appointments
• Making sure your voice is heard in meeting and by other professionals.
• Talking about issues that are affecting you in a safe place
• Showing you lots of different resources we use to raise awareness about grooming and ways people can get used in a sexual way (Sexual Exploitation).
• Building up your confidence, so that you can make positive choices about your life.
• Finding other agencies that can help with other issues you might have.
• Working with you as long as you need the support.

We can help you build confidence and make positive choices about your life.

Who needs to know we are meeting?
We can discuss this with you when we meet. If a professional has made the referral they will know, and if we saw you in school they would know.

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