The Time 2..Project is a new project for York and North Yorkshire working with
young people aged 11-18 who are at medium to high risk of CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation).

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The young people who access our service will be provided with a person centred approach to support and will work 1:1 with a specialist outreach worker on making empowered and personal choices.

Our aim is to inform, support and empower young people to make informed decisions and to reduce the risk of CSE.

We provide interventions based on topics that all young people who are vulnerable to CSE need a basic knowledge and understanding of.

We focus on:

• Reducing Risk
• Understanding Healthy Relationships
• Consent and Consensual Relationships
• Sexual Health and Contraception
• Grooming Stages and Models
• CEOP – Internet Safety and Awareness Raising

As well as working through an intervention plan which is tailored to each individual, we can work creatively with young people through arts, crafts and other activities in the local area.

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